No Game No Life.Then,Now and Forever Tokaigi 2017

What Is Tokaigi?

Tokaigi is a game festival that started in 2015 where users take the lead and visitors of all ages can freely participate to enjoy the atmosphere.
Games from all over the world past and present will gather at Makuhari Messe to form a massive playground !

Entertainment platforms and devices have continuously changed throughout the ages –– vacant lots, street benches, living rooms, televisions, game arcades, computers and smart phones ––
Tokaigi is a place to remind that everyone was once a gamer.

What Is Tokaigi

Old & New Games For Play

Analog games, video games, arcade games, physical games, smart phone games, etc. There are places for people of all ages to enjoy from nostalgic games to latest games.

Old & New Games For Play

Plethora of game titles gives an insight
on Japan’s game history